Friday, June 1, 2012

"Buddy Boy and more"

"Hi, buddy boy."
"Hi, daddy."
"Coco water?"
"Mommy bed?"

Some of the many things you will hear Mr. Clark say lately. Right now, he's a mimic-machine! "Hi buddy boy." is often from Daddy, and this afternoon what he uttered to me as he was falling asleep on my chest.  "Hi daddy." or "Hi mommy." Will most often be said after being issued a good scolding. E.G., he's in the 'running away' stage. Though he thinks it's a fun game, when we see him running towards a crowd or a busy street, we have to lay down the law. In loud, harsh, tones of warning (that we are not proud of, but hey, sometimes you have to be loud to be heard), we have to discipline how important it is for him to listen and not run away. Nose to nose, clearly as serious as serious can be, Clark eyes will lock on, become wide and full, and in the sweetest voice possible, attempt to distract with a heart-wrenching: "Hi, daddy."
"What'szat!?" His fave question. I label 'fave' because he seems to ask it often and with great zest. Answers can be anywhere from: "A bulldozer." "Breakfast." "Sewing machine." "Mommy's nipple." or my favorite, "A wall."
"Coco water? Coco milk? Chocolate coco water?" Dude, this kid likes to drink his coconut water! We finally had to rashon his intake cuz we were tired of changing a sopping wet diaper every hour and a half. The fun part is when he asks for it in the middle of the night. Must always have coco-water on hand.
Speaking of middle of the night, a habit we have begun, and have not seemed to deter from, is joining him in bed as he drifts off to sleep. Sometimes we can get his teeth brushed, read a book, tuck him in, kiss goodnight and creep out. Other times, he demands: "Mommy, bed?" or "Daddy, bed?" Indicating he wants company. If it's me, he'll follow up with "Daddy, glasses off." Knowing that when Daddy removes his specs, it's time to settle down. 

These are only a fraction of the words and mini-phrases he busts out on a daily basis.  "Daddy, funny.", "Mommy, play?" and "Daddy, so suh-weet!" are among my personal faves.


  1. well now I'm certain Clark is definitely a mini you Jason because this sounds so much like you at that age....What'szat was definitely your favorite word and you use to say it constantly, and with such excitement, always inquisitive about anything and everything....really so cute, brought back memories of when you were his age...I too love, love, love it when we're skyping and suddenly (sometimes for just smiling at him) he says Nana Funny but it's how he says it then mimes a chuckle and squints his face while he says can you keep a straight face.....Grampa and I will be visiting "you all" next month in Nashville and we are so excited to get to see him in action for 9 whole days....we just can't wait XOXOxo:o)

  2. Daddy, glasses off. How sweet is that?

  3. my favorite thing is when he looks at you inquisatively with those big eyes looking straight into your eyes and with this sweet little voice that fluctuates as he asks "happened"? Cuter than cute, I could just eat em up!❤